About Inspirit

Welcome to Inspirit Education
Inspirit Education was founded on the belief that everyone should seek and have the opportunity to attain the highest level of education possible. Our mission is to reach out to anyone who has not yet reached posted secondary education.

• First and foremost the opportunity for a higher level of education does exist
• We want them to learn the steps involved in obtaining a post-secondary degree
• We want them to learn the benefits of a higher education
• We will assist them in finding a career path the matches their interest, abilities, and values
Quick Facts
Inspirit Education Consulting Company was established in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, as a modest Indiana Non For Profit whose purpose was to promote higher educational opportunities to low-income first-generation high school student.
Inspirit Education has worked with TRiO Programs and has pursued TRiO Grants that promote and support educational opportunity for underrepresented population. TRiO, has been a main stay in Department of Education and is represented by programs like Upwardbound, Education Talent Search, and Educational Opportunity Centers.
Continuing the global growth of Inspirit Education, Company President Dr. Charles F. Gary heads the team towards educational projects in the Middle East, ranging from Saudi Arabia / Bahrain all the way to Qatar, Dubai and even Lebanon.

The Inspirit Team

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Charles F. Gary, Jr., PhD


Recently, Dr. Gary has embarked into the realm of...

Dr. Emet LaBoone

Vice President

Dr. Emet LaBoone is the Vice President of Inspirit...

Ms. Krissy Gonzales


Ms. Gonzales joins Inspirit Education in 2014 as our...

Kristina M. Lynch


A founding member of the Board of Directors of...

Antwanette Newton

Vice President

The Coordinator of International Students at Parkland College in...

Lloyd G. Richards, JR. MA


The newest member on the Board of Directors brings...

Andrew L. Robinson, III, BA

Board Member

A founding Board Member Mr. Robinson has expertise in...

Joseph Flores, BA


Mr. Flores brings 30 plus years of knowledge and...