The basis for any business is to provide a service or product.

In our case our product is technical expertise and knowledge in education.
Our service is to provide a variety programs, workshops, individual coaching to inspire, equip, and elevate both individuals and organizations.

The following list include a sample of the types of programs we can and have provided.

• Prepares Students for post secondary education
• College entrance exam preparation
• College applications
• Financial aid advice
• Study skills development
• College searches and tours locally and globally
• Prepares Youth with a solid foundation in STEM subjects
• Tutoring
• Supplemental instruction
• Online Learning Activities
The power of reading helps students of all ages learn the English language, as well as how to read. Volunteers go into organizations to read to the participants helping them developing critical reading and language skills.
Designed to take kids out of the classroom away from the formulas and number crunching and into real life applied situations to develop their STEM skills
Student will have the opportunity to go abroad to both teach and learn. The will have the opportunity to visit foreign countries, study, and serve all at the same time. International Students will have the opportunity to visit the US and improve their English speaking skills and broaden their global horizons.
Partners with organization and schools to motivate children's learning through extracurricular activities after school and on weekends. Dance, Sports/Fitness, Arts, Music, and Literature Workshops Inspirit Education offers a variety of workshops to meet the needs of individuals as well as the organizations and institutions needs. Standard programs and workshops, such as Team Building, Leadership, and Goal Setting can be tailored to fit the needs of an individual or an organizations. Specific workshops related to career development, college admissions, financial aid, are also available to our clients.
Inspirit Educations offers speakers and lectures for special events or a routine meeting. Our consultants can be scheduled to speak on a variety of education related topics from motivation and inspiration to instruction and learning outcomes. Clever metaphors and anecdotes are used to bring the message home in usually and entertaining and professional manner.
Students, families and professional regardless of the stage of development need mentoring, guidance, advise, counseling, and even coaching. Know who to ask what and even knowing what to ask can be enough of a barrier to prevent one from reaching his or her goals. Inspirit Education will guide its clients through the challenges to help solve or resolve most educational concerns. The following are just a few questions Inspirit Education can guide you through. For example, which college should I chose? How do I apply for a scholarship? What should I chose for a major? Where can I find a good tutor?