Inspirit Education enjoys partnerships and collaborations with a variety of entities some of which are for the purpose of providing a services, while others exist to share in the support of the educational mission or purpose. The following examples highlight some key partners and potential partners.

Colleges and Universities

Inspirit will build a network of relationships with institutions and organizations like colleges and community agency to share resources for larger programs, like weekend programs and summer camps. In kind resources, include items such as computer labs, gymnasium, cafeteria space, and libraries. Colleges generally have a mission to serve the community, but as an added incentive they will gain the opportunity to showcase their facilities to college bound students.

Enrollment and admissions officers continuously seek ways to increase enrollment and often pursue international students as a means to this end. Inspirit works with agencies like the WES and the ICE to help prepare students for international opportunity.

Partner With Us

School Corporations

One of our primary targets are underserved and underperforming school corporations. It is the lack of resources that prohibit the schools for reaching their goals. A few more dedicate professionals, a few volunteers can go a long way to improving students graduation rates, test scores, and college matriculation.

AAU (Amateur Athletics Union)

AAU has long been an avenue for youth to practice and hone their athletics skills and abilities, many of whom go on to college on scholarships. Inspirit, hopes to provide academic services and support to those underrepresented populations and provide college-seeking support to all the athletes.