Inspirit Education Consulting Company was established in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, as a modest Indiana Non For Profit whose purpose was to promote higher educational opportunities to low-income first-generation high school student. Since then Inspirit Education reaches all aspects of education starting at the foundation building critical skills that will create the best opportunity for individuals to succeed in life by gaining a well rounded education.


Inspirit Education has worked with TRiO Programs and has pursued TRiO Grants that promote and support educational opportunity for underrepresented population. TRiO has been a main stay in Department of Education and is represented by programs like Upward bound, Education Talent Search, and Educational Opportunity Centers. It is the largest discretionary funded program by the Department of Education at over $862 Million per year. Inspirit has partnered with these programs and their state, regional and national organization by providing evaluations, program assessments, program development, and conducting presentation at all levels.




  • Established Corporation in Indiana
  • Organized Board of Directors
  • Presented at Conference
  • Hired attorney to establish 501c3
  • Networking with colleges, TRiO programs, and National Organizations



  • Established Federal Non Profit 501c3
  • Developed Inspirit Logo
  • Launched Inspiriteducation.org
  • Signed formal Memorandum of Understanding with High Schools, Organizations, and Foundations institutions in Northwest Indiana



  • Inspirit gained a great deal of experience preparing and submitting grants. Inspirit has active an account with grants.gov, and is permitted to apply for a Federal Grants. Though unsuccessful, Inspirit pursued two TRiO
  • Grants, as well as a Legacy Foundation of Indiana College Readiness Grant. These experiences were necessary learning opportunities to prepare future competitions.



  • Globalization: Inspirit Education expands and explores opportunities internationally with ambitions to reach 5 continents and 50 countries by 2015. Globally, education is as much a challenge for third world countries as for the underserved in the U.S. The opportunity to spread English language skills and literacy are new added as new prioritize to Inspirit Education’s Mission.



  • Established Business to approach the Middle East
  • Key Board Members to enhance distance learning initiatives and financial practices



  • Opened Inspirit International W.L.L in Bahrain Offices in Diplomat Area
  • Collaborated with Global Shapers Al Khobar Hub and Rawabi Holding Company in Saudi Arabia Conducted Mentor and Mentee Training Session



  • Continue to expand our services globally through grant and volunteer initiatives
  • Seek to develop cultural exchange programs throughout India, the Middle East and North Africa
  • Seek to create and grant college credit opportunities and diploma
  • Open Inspirit Institues and Education Centers Globally