In a conversational style that infuses personal biographical anecdotes, Dr. Gary’s presentations will enlighten and amuse you. He is very demonstrative,animated, and uses a variety of personal examples to convey his messages. His presentations quickly become interactive as audiences want to know more and more and more about the topics and even share their own experiences, as well .

Dr. Gary was born and raised on the south side of Illinois before migrating to the south suburbs, attending predominantly “white” universities, and now lives in the middle east. Dr. Gary has experienced first hand real cultural diversity and awareness.

He knows there is enough that binds us together that makes us more similar than different. Understanding these ties could help us reach a level to work through our own prejudices and develop cultural awareness that will facilitate better cooperation and teamwork in the work place, schools and even in the community at large.

Dr. Gary offers interesting insight and first hand accounts to life in the middle east, having lived in Saudi Arabia and traveled extensively throughout the region through many different countries. He offers a view that will demystify some of the negative stereotypes, and bring a general awareness to some of the prevailing topics in the middle east including – labor, families, religion, safety, sex, law, visas, traffic, and tourism, and cost of living.

Dr. Gary offers an in-depth view of some of the social and cultural differences in the u.S compared to non-western life and values. He offers an engaging and informative overview of several key social and cultural topics, such as entertainment, relationships, and discrimination. He offers unique insight into a discussion on how misconceptions regarding these issues have influenced and impacted non-western culture. This enlightening discussion will give you a clearer picture into the psyche of westerners.

How does a black boy born on the south side of Chicago evade drugs, gangs, teen fatherhood, and go on to earn four college degrees, including a doctorate, and work in the middle east? Sure, through the grace of god, and a lot of luck, love, and support from family and friends. However, it was by having a dream of doing something bigger and better that allowed him to reach even a modest level of success. He’ll take you through his journey of beating the odds and share how he overcame them by taking risks and setting goals. You will find inspiration and practical steps that will help you realize your potential and work toward realizing your dreams. After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Every aspect of your life is affected by your character. Regardless of your upbringing, it is important to realize these key values that will strengthen your character and make you a valued member of any family, team, or organization. If you like sports and athletics, this talk is right up your alley. Dr. Gary has competed in sports at the highest level since winning the Illinois high school wrestling championship and ending his career after just missing the 2008 Olympic trial. He went on to work in athletic administration in numerous capacities, from coaching to counseling to athletic directing, including serving on the board of the NAIA I.I.A. And the big ten student athlete advisory board. He has learned that being a leader, having a positive attitude, confidence, respect, responsibility, and will earn the respect of your team and organization. He uses plenty of sports metaphors,analogies and anecdotes that have helped him overcome some trying and difficult times and motivated him and others.