Board of Directors

Dr. Charles F. Gary (President)
Recently, Dr. Gary has embarked into the realm of corporate training and building corporate partnerships. What's special about this new venture is that Dr. Gary has become globally visible and has a growing presence in the Middle East. Over the past year Dr. Gary has had the opportunity to travel to Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Pakistan, Morocco, Oman, and throughout Saudi Arabia presenting corporate training seminars, speaking engagements, and attending providing educational resources to business leaders and educators. He has gained a great deal of cultural competence and awareness during this time. His excellent interpersonal skills has allowed him to build relationships with peoples from a wide range of socio-economic levels, religious affiliations, and cultural backgrounds.

Dr. Gary has spent the majority of his educational career creating opportunities for others. He has served on the Board of Directors of several organizations at regional, statewide, and local levels. Dr. Gary works in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, serving as and Senior Level Administrator as Assistant Director Student Affairs and Director of Campus Life at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University.

Dr. Gary specializes in training and training resources for personal and business development. He has worked with several major corporations in the Middle East from SABIC in Saudi to Qatar Petroleum. Additionally, through Young Presidents Organization, he has worked with the worlds elite and corporate Presidents and CEOs in through consulting work with Young Presidents Organization.

His doctorate in Higher Education Administration and Masters in Counseling gives him the breadth of knowledge and expertise to cover most issues individual student perspective that impact individuals and organization in both higher education and private industry on the global landscape.
Dr. Emet LaBoone (Vice President)
Dr. Emet LaBoone is the Vice President of Inspirit Education and Joint Partner and Co-Founder in Inspirit Education Consulting International in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Dr. Laboone serves as the Managing Director and Lead on international operations in the Middle East and North Africa. His expertise lies in Distance learning with broad experience in instructional design, and course development in all aspects related to a holistic approach to e-learning.

Currently, Dr. Laboone serves as the Director of Educational Innovation/Assistant Professor of Humanites and Social Sciences at Prince Mohammad University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additionally Dr. Laboone is an ORISE Fellow at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has served in the role of Instructional Designer/Multimedia Specialist since January 2010. At the FDA, he plays a key role in advancing the use of technology in training through the analysis of educational/training problems; designing/developing online courses; development of training curriculum's; implementation of educational tools; current course promotions; production of electronic surveys/forms; and a variety of long-term projects. He has a long history and track record in Higher Education in the US, including ties with TRIO.
Ms. Krissy Gonzales (Chief Financial Officer)
Ms. Gonzales joins Inspirit Education in 2014 as our Chief Financial Officer. She brings close to ten years of tremendous experience working in various roles in accounting and finance, particularly in Non Profit Organizations.

She has served in many roles in her tenure at Young President's Organization, including Staff Accountant, Senior Event Accountant, to Event Controller. At YPO, Ms. Gonzales plays a vital role managing accounts and budgets for major events across the globe.

Ms. Gonzales although she lives in Dallas, Texas she is proud that she hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. Ms. Gonzales earned a MBA in Accounting and Finance, from Keller Graduate School of Management School and her BS in Accounting from Southern University at New Orleans.
Lloyd G. Richards, Jr. MA
The newest member on the Board of Directors brings almost 20 years of large-scale events planning and execution. Mr. Richards, a Kingston Jamaican native has spent the early part of his career in the front offices of several NFL Teams including, Tampa Bay, Washington, and Houston. Mr. Richards is the President of JLR Events and Logistics, LLC and enjoys coordinating events at large venues, such as the NCAA Final Four, and the NCAA Men’s and Women’s College World Serious, and the Senior Olympics. Mr. Richards will contribute to Inspirits fundraising efforts as he can provide oversight for fundraising events and has valuable connections. Mr. Richards earned his Degrees at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where he was a member of the Fighting Illini Football team.